Who We Are

RMI is a bespoke solutions partner that supports operations in complex environments and manages risk through medical, security, and HSE services.


Who We Work With

RMI works with industries that all have one thing in common: the complexity of their operational environment. Our clients often work in high-risk environments that are remote, with limited local resources.

Industries RMI work with include oil & gas, renewable energy, mining, corporate travel, commercial construction, maritime and defense. Regardless of what you do, or where you work, RMI is here to support you.


What We Do

As a bespoke solutions provider, forming a trust-based partnership with our clients is key. RMI’s focus is on understanding your operational complexities and developing solutions that meet your requirements. RMI’s capabilities include medical, security, and HSE.



Where We Work

RMI has over 20 years of experience managing thousands of cases across hundreds of projects spanning all seven continents and on every ocean. With offices in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, RMI has the global footprint and experience necessary to support you wherever your work may take you.

Case Studies

Your Trusted Solutions Partner

RMI is here to assist you with your medical, security, and HSE needs. Contact us today so we can better understand your needs and develop solutions that help you manage your organizational risk.

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