How RMI helps USAID fight the global HIV/AIDS epidemic

In 2015, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) entrusted RMI with the Global Health Supply Chain HIV Rapid Tests Kit (GHSC-RTK) contract. The GHSC-RTK initiative is a significant program that procures commodities for HIV rapid test kits. This initiative is a key component of the U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, PEPFAR, which is a concerted effort to curb the global HIV/AIDS epidemic.

The commodities procured under this contract encompass HIV rapid diagnostic test kits for clinical use and HIV self-tests. These test kits are instrumental in the global fight against HIV. They provide essential testing supplies to communities with limited access to healthcare providers, and advanced laboratory equipment/training. This ensures that testing for HIV is accessible and straightforward, even in the most remote or resource-limited settings. This accessibility is a crucial step in diagnosing and subsequently treating HIV, thereby contributing significantly to the global effort to control the HIV/AIDS epidemic. 

RMI’s GHSC-RTK initiative is led by a dedicated team of six professionals at our federal office in Northern Virginia. Since the contract’s start, RMI has distributed over 350 million rapid test kits, with the count still increasing. Most of these kits are procured from Japan, Ireland, South Korea, the USA and Thailand. They are delivered to regions in Sub-Saharan Africa. However, the sourcing and distribution network is far more extensive, delivering to 39 countries across Africa, Asia, and South America. This vast and diverse network contributes to the complexity of the operation.

Throughout the contract’s duration, RMI has maintained a high standard of efficiency and punctuality, with 89% of orders being delivered in full and on time through varied complex importation systems. This commitment to timely delivery underscores RMI’s dedication to the GHSC-RTK initiative. 

The Global Health Supply Chain HIV Rapid Tests Kit (GHSC-RTK) initiative, managed by RMI under the aegis of USAID, has made significant strides in combating the global HIV/AIDS epidemic. By procuring and distributing over 350 million rapid test kits across 39 countries, it has expanded access to HIV testing, particularly in regions with limited healthcare resources. Despite the complexity, the dedicated team at RMI continues to uphold its commitment to this vital cause. The GHSC-RTK initiative is a testament to the power of global cooperation and strategic planning in addressing public health crises. It underscores the importance of accessibility and efficiency in healthcare delivery and sets a strong precedent for future endeavors in global health. 

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