RMI Guyana is a local company backed by RMI’s global experience. Since its inception in 2022, RMI’s operations in Guyana have been on a steady growth trajectory. Offering our comprehensive range of solutions including medical, security, and HSE services. We take great pride in our collaborations with some of the world’s foremost companies in the energy and mining sectors. Our commitment to excellence and global standards is unwavering as we continue to serve our clients in Guyana. 


RMI’s strategy in Guyana is centered around the cultivation of local assets, encompassing personnel, infrastructure, and suppliers. As a testament to our commitment to local development, RMI Guyana is predominantly owned by Guyanese and proudly holds a Local Content Certificate. 

In Georgetown, we have set up a medical clinic and offices that are fully staffed by Guyanese, further demonstrating our dedication to local empowerment. Our operations in Guyana are not standalone; they are bolstered by RMI’s extensive global resources. This includes our topside physicians, international supply chain, project managers, Global Coordination Center, and security experts. Together, we ensure the smooth operation of RMI Guyana, contributing to both local and global growth. 


  • Occupational Health Clinic: RMI has an established occupational health clinic in the GYSBI complex in the Houston District. This clinic is tailored to meet the demands of our offshore client’s and can offer a range of services including OEUK medicals, Liberian medicals, drug & alcohol testing, physical agility testing, and more.   
  • Offshore Medical Services: RMI provides clients with a dedicated team of medical providers focused on supporting acute and occupational care, quality assurance, cost containment, and HSE reporting mitigation. All RMI medical providers are thoroughly assessed and backed by RMI’s medical direction, equipment and supply, and project management teams. 
  • Bespoke Medical Clinics: RMI can and has set up bespoke medical clinics in more remote areas where the work is occurring. RMI has a full service acute and occupational care clinic in the West Bank. 
  • Onshore Medical Assistance: RMI provides medical assistance services including a 24/7 emergency helpline, ambulance services, Medical Emergency Response Plans (MERP), telephonic medical advice, case management, medical evacuations, and more.  
  • Security & Intelligence: RMI Guyana offers RMI’s full range of security and intelligence solutions enhanced by our local network of sources and contractors. 
  • HSE: RMI Guyana offers RMI’s full range of HSE solutions. 

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