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RMI specializes in providing bespoke HSE solutions that support worker health and safety in complex environments. We provide HSE-credentialed advisors and medics, consulting, program management, and emergency response support. We support land-based and offshore HSE solutions in industries including renewable energy, oil and gas, maritime, mining, construction, and more.


RMI’s medical services are often provided in support of client’s HSE programs. Our medical providers often play a vital role in supporting the HSE team. To further support our clients, RMI staffs HSE-trained medical staff that can take on some of the HSE services. In remote or space-constrained projects, being able to have medical and HSE roles combined can be more efficient and save on costs.

As our clients have requested more HSE capabilities, RMI began staffing additional HSE advisors and safety inspectors. These experts can support our clients either remotely or on-site. They can provide consulting, program management and coordinate emergency responses.


  • Staffing Support
    RMI staffs HSE experts either on-site or remotely. With offices in both the US and UK, we are familiar with both OSHA and NEBOSH accreditations.
  • Oversight & Consulting

    RMI’s safety inspectors can provide valuable insight into the safety of any project. For US projects, all RMI safety inspectors hold at least an OSHA 500 certification.

  • Program Management

    RMI safety inspectors can implement the HSE program on-site for our clients. Our US-based HSE personnel are authorized to conduct OSHA’s Outreach Training Program through industry sessions that provide training to workers on the recognition, avoidance, abatement, and prevention of safety and health hazards in workplaces along with information regarding workers’ rights, employer responsibilities, and how to file a workplace safety complaint.

  • Emergency Response

    Since emergency response is a core component of RMI services, our Safety Inspectors are trained to either a basic or high level in emergency medical service skills. In addition to this, they are trained and experienced in medicine specific to industrial work, such as primary care training and occupational health and safety awareness training.

  • Dual Role Safety Medics

    RMI’s dual role safety medics can provide both HSE and medical services in space-constrained and remote locations.

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