RMI has been providing solutions for US and UK government agencies since 2014. We’ve staffed and maintained clinics in remote locations and conflict zones. Our teams have also provided mobile medical vehicles to support COVID vaccines. Our bespoke approach enables us to offer services that fit governments’ strict budgets and highly specific requirements.


RMI has used many contract vehicles to offer our services to governments. We have provided government solutions as both a prime contractor and as a subcontractor. As a prime contractor, RMI responds to more specific requests, such as medical and security needs. However, we also often support larger logistics companies (typically the prime contractors) as a subcontractor.

RMI is also partners with companies in adjacent health and safety fields, such as fire control. With our adaptable solutions, RMI is well-positioned to respond to government requests as either a prime contractor, subcontractor, or as a consortium.


  • Humanitarian Response
    Utilizing our medical, security, and logistics expertise RMI can support government funded humanitarian responses. These humanitarian crises include post-conflict reconstruction, refugee care, natural disaster recovery, disease epidemics, and more.
  • Mobile Medical Units

    RMI Mobile Medical Units (MMU) offer top-quality clinical care in an agile and cost-effective fashion. Our MMUs range in size and transportability and can be configured with the staff and equipment to meet your needs. Medical services delivered by an MMU may include primary care, health screening, vaccinations, specialty services, and more.

  • Base Support Services

    RMI has provided clinics in remote locations and conflict zones to support government entities working in those regions. We’ve staffed a large clinic of up to 50 medical personnel in Afghanistan. Our medical providers also work to protect lives at remote Pacific outposts.

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