RMI specializes in providing bespoke medical solutions that support worker health in complex environments. We provide on-site medical support, mobile medical services, occupational health coordination, and medical assistance services. We support land-based and offshore medical solutions in industries including renewable energy, oil and gas, maritime, mining, construction, and more.


To enable our clients to select medical services that match their needs and budgets, RMI offers customized medical solutions. For on-site medical support, we offer a range of medical providers, from medics to physicians. Our clinical governance team verifies that our staffing plan is compliant with local regulations and best practices.

The clinical governance team also informs how we deliver other services, such as occupational health, medical assistance, and mobile medical units. With RMI’s consultative approach, we can deliver a variety of medical solutions, matched to your project requirements and local regulations.  


  • On-Site Medical Support
    RMI provides clients with a dedicated team of medical providers focused on supporting acute and occupational care, quality assurance, cost containment, and HSE reporting mitigation. All RMI medical providers are thoroughly assessed and backed by RMI’s medical direction, equipment and supply, and project management teams.
  • Occupational Health

    RMI supports its client’s occupational health needs including performing and coordinating fit-for-duty assessments, medical surveillance, drug testing, return-to-work evaluations, and more. RMI assists by consulting on program implementation, providing access to our clinic network, scheduling appointments, managing health records, and delivering the results our clients require.

  • Medical Assistance

    RMI provides medical assistance services including a 24/7 emergency helpline, Medical Emergency Response Plans (MERP), telephonic medical advice, case management, medical evacuations, and more.

  • Mobile Medical Units

    RMI Mobile Medical Units (MMU) offer top-quality, agile and cost effective clinical care. Our MMUs range in size and transportability and can be configured with the staff and equipment to meet your needs. Medical services delivered by an MMU may include primary care, health screening, vaccinations, specialty services, and more.

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