Maritime Security in High-Risk Areas

For several months the world’s attention has been drawn to Iranian backed Houthi attacks on commercial shipping in the Red Sea, the Bab-el-Mandeb, and Gulf of Aden. These attacks have been incredibly dangerous, and used some capabilities that previously would have only been employed by conventional military forces. Their actions have severely restricted commercial shipping in this region.

The Houthi’s and their Iranian supporters have been developing and adapting these capabilities in the face of a US led coalition constantly targeting them – but they continue to pose a significant threat. This means this area remains the most dangerous marine environment thus far in 2024 and will likely remain so for many months.

But more traditional threats such as piracy and kidnapping for ransom continue across the globe, and in certain instances are increasing. Understanding and defeating the full spectrum of threats you will face requires a partner who has the background in this arena: RMI can provide this for you.

With a worldwide network and proprietary intelligence tooling, alongside our provenance and experience in maritime security and collecting intelligence in difficult and dangerous locations, RMI are successfully supporting clients across the world’s oceans, where multiple security threats abound.

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