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RMI delivers comprehensive, bespoke security services to companies operating in the most challenging onshore and offshore environments. RMI helps our client’s employees worldwide work confidently and safely in semi-permissive and non-permissive locations through objective assessments, ongoing risk monitoring, personnel and asset protection, and employee training.


RMI has developed a bespoke risk management methodology to inform decisions about the appropriate security measures and risk controls that should be implemented. This enables our clients to conduct commercial operations in high and medium threat countries globally.

The output from the RMI risk management methodology is different for each client and risk management decisions are based on a sound understanding of the requirements of our clients and of the environment in which they will be operating. The security measures and risk controls that we recommend are bespoke to our clients and the security solutions we supply are agile and responsive to our clients’ changing needs.


  • Intelligence
    RMI understands that organizations operating in complex environments globally face inherent risk. Some of these risks can be proactively planned for and mitigated, while others are more dynamic due to the ever-changing nature of these environments. As such, staying apprised of the changing environment in an organization’s geographic areas of operation is essential in maintaining the security of the organization’s assets and personnel. RMI’s intelligence services are designed to provide organizations with the insights and foresights necessary to ensure long-term operational resilience. Services include baseline country risk assessments, ongoing reporting and updates, dedicated security & intelligence team, 24/7 intelligence monitoring.
  • Security Assistance

    If you need to react to changing world events to protect your staff, your customers, or your investments, you can rely on our expertise, dedicated team, and precision technology to deliver crucial information when you need it. Our security assistance includes 24/7 crisis response and a global intelligence portal.

  • Risk Management Consulting

    Security risk management consulting involves strategic and practical guidance to help organizations navigate the complex landscape of security threats and vulnerabilities. Our expert team collaborates with clients to design tailored security plans for specific countries. These plans are meticulously crafted based on the unique risk profile of each location.

  • Due Diligence Advice

    Deciding if you want to do business in a high-risk area or partner with an overseas organization? Trust our due diligence team to assess the suitability of business partners and feasibility of commercial ventures. Our objective, honest risk management consulting services give you a true picture of the risk levels and security concerns so we can plan appropriately together.

  • On-Site Assets

    For operations that carry security risks, RMI provides on-site solutions to mitigate and respond to security-related threats. RMI has a global network of security providers that deliver on-site security solutions including personnel, secure transport, physical security, and other assets as required.

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