How to catch a thief in a remote Guyanese jungle

In the aftermath of a theft, a company, with assets nestled deep within Guyana’s jungles, approached RMI. Their objectives were twofold: to unmask the perpetrator and to implement measures to mitigate future thefts. RMI’s Director of Security was promptly dispatched to spearhead this initiative. 


The investigation posed a significant challenge due to the tightly knit community at the site, the complex dynamics of the relationships among the workers, and the pervasive fear of retribution. Our client acknowledged that leveraging RMI for a comprehensive physical security assessment would be the most potent strategy to deter future thefts. This proactive step not only demonstrated the company’s vigilance but also sent an unequivocal message: any form of malpractice would not be tolerated, and all incidents would undergo professional scrutiny. 


RMI’s Director of Security possesses extensive experience in conducting a wide range of security investigations and assessments across several industries, including both internal investigations and physical security assessments. His unique approach is based on the Six Sigma methodology, a proven, data-driven and intuitive process that identifies deficiencies and proposes effective solutions. His approach was comprised of two phases.  

Phase 1: The investigation began with a thorough internal inquiry. This involved gathering evidence through collating photographs and videos from the site and meticulously reviewing documentation and witness statements. Over several days, 30 interviews were held with company executives, witnesses and suspects ultimately narrowing the list of potential suspects to a few individuals. 

Phase 2: The second phase entailed conducting a physical security review of the mine site. This process, unique to RMI and tailored to the client’s needs, aims to eradicate any detected deficiencies by examining processes and assessing the physical environment of the mine site. Upon completion of this review, we furnished the client with a set of recommendations. These encompassed process enhancements and the implementation of additional physical security measures in targeted areas. This comprehensive approach ensures a robust security framework that effectively addresses potential vulnerabilities.  

With a robust presence in Guyana and a team of highly skilled professionals, RMI was uniquely equipped to assist our client with identifying the culprit and mitigating future threats to the company’s assets.  

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