Delivering bespoke occupational health services in our RMI Guyana Houston clinic. 

RMI has a long-term relationship with a global company that operates service and supply vessels, providing essential services to the offshore industry in Guyana. This company posed distinct operational challenges, to which RMI Guyana promptly and effectively responded. 


While a significant portion of the offshore industry depends on highly skilled professionals and subject matter experts for their roles, service and supply providers stand as an exception. These providers prioritize the recruitment of able-bodied individuals, possessing the necessary strength, agility, and dexterity to efficiently perform their physically intensive duties. Considering this, RMI’s client established a global ‘fit for duty’ standard that prioritizes evaluations centered on the fundamental tasks expected of each employee. These evaluations include: 

  • Opening and closing industrial valves 
  • Crawling through confined spaces 
  • Climbing ladders 
  • Lifting heavy objects 
  • Grip strength  
  • Fine motor skills 
  • Overall cardiovascular fitness 

Their challenge was in identifying a local clinic in Guyana, equipped with the necessary expertise and facilities, to conduct these evaluations. Fortunately, the RMI Guyana team was there to assist. 


Several key individuals on the RMI Guyana team possess extensive experience delivering the kind of assessments the client required. As a result, they were quickly able to take the client’s requirements and translate them into an operation plan to develop our facilities and deliver the fit for duty assessments as requested. This plan included the following: 

  • Setting up a dedicated space to facilitate these evaluations 
  • Sourcing local carpenters and welders to fabricate the assessment stations 
  • Working with RMI’s global supply chain team to source assessment tools not available in Guyana 
  • Developing a process for scheduling appointments and delivering fit for duty evaluations to the client promptly 

RMI Guyana successfully adapted to these unique requirements, crafting a tailored solution. This ensured not only the seamless continuity of their operations in Guyana, but also the preparedness of their workforce to proficiently cater to the physical demands of the offshore industry. 

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