Critical Infrastructure Protection  

In late April 2024 the United States government issued a new National Security Memorandum that focuses on enhancing the resilience and cybersecurity of U.S. critical infrastructure. This initiative follows widespread ransomware and cyber-attacks targeting U.S. critical infrastructure attributed to nation-state and non-state actors. At its conclusion this work will aim to deliver protection against all threats and hazards, both current and future.

At RMI we have deep expertise in delivering protection and assuring the resilience of all types of critical infrastructure on and offshore: worldwide. Our experts use methodologies and techniques developed by the U.S. & UK governments and military security agencies to offer the highest levels of assurance available against multiple threat vectors. With our principal cyber partners at Trustwave, who are market leaders in cyber threat detection and protection, RMI can offer the most comprehensive Critical Infrastructure Resilience package on the market that will assure your outputs from the broadest spectrum of threats.

Regardless of nationality, almost all the outputs required to deliver outputs in the energy industry worldwide should be considered as Critical Infrastructure. Contact us here to see how RMI can help your business comply with this developing U.S. legislation AND to receive a copy of the latest RMI & Trustwave report on the Cyber Threat landscape in the oil, gas, and wider energy industry.

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