Visits to conflict impacted areas

At RMI we recognise that clients frequently need to visit locations impacted by conflict. This includes warzones such as Ukraine, or countries worldwide that suffer from regular violent insurgent or other terrorist attacks. The nature of the threats these travellers face is multi-faceted and complex, as well as being incredibly dangerous: and requiring deep subject matter expertise to be conducted safely.

RMI’s provenance as a solutions partner enables our experts to plan and execute any visit, anywhere and regardless of the situation. Our specialists are supported by a global intelligence network with the nuance to comprehend all local threat dynamics, backed up with analytical tools to provide an unparalleled depth of understanding.

Our in-country Executive Protection is delivered by experts in this field and includes US and UK ex-Special Forces personnel with the experience you would expect from RMI. They have the depth of knowledge, planning skills and equipment to keep you safe: and in an emergency ensure your rapid extraction to a safe haven, and then beyond. All underpinned by our 24/7 Global Co-ordination Centre who will monitor and interact with your visit during its delivery and until you return home safely.

RMI understands how important discretion is to our clients, and overlays this with our own operational security [OPSEC] protocols to ensure your physical, virtual, electronic, and cyber profile is appropriate for the area you are visiting. This begins from the moment we begin planning your visit and sharing our understanding of the threat with you.

To learn more and speak to one of our experts about our experiences delivering these services for other clients across many of the world’s most dangerous areas:

Contact us here.

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