The Latest in Renewable Energy: How RMI Can Be Your Partner in Offshore Wind Growth

According to World Oil, “power generation from offshore wind turbines is projected to increase 700% over the next ten years and developing local supply chains in Europe and the US will increase efficiency, reduce costs and help drive a green recovery, post-Covid-19.”

And in March, the US Administration officially announced an offshore wind deployment target of 30 gigawatts by 2030 to protect environmental assets and create employment.

As US offshore wind increases over the next decade, at RMI, we’re ready to partner with companies to meet their employees’ health and safety needs to keep their essential wind projects on track.

For over 20 years, RMI has been working with clients in offshore projects worldwide, so you can expect that we’re delighted to welcome more US-based offshore wind projects.

RMI’s Offshore Experience

The wind industry is thriving in the UK, where we actively serve as health and safety partners on many offshore wind projects. While the UK and US operate differently in the renewable energy sector, we’ve got the expertise to respond to medical or safety incidents on these massive industrial projects.

The power of strong offshore winds used to create renewable energy involves difficult construction conditions, heavy machinery, and massive components so creating safe working conditions and maintaining on-site expert medical care and safety is essential.

From the initial phases of construction to when your turbines are fully operational, we’ll have you covered.

We Know the Offshore Environment 

Offshore worksites are challenging. With a lack of nearby medical resources and personnel, plus the dangers and unpredictability of the sea, having a trusted partner to respond on-site is essential.

We have extensive experience in the maritime industry, offshore oil and gas installations, and our background has taught us how to provide comprehensive medical and safety services to your offshore staff.

Our Medical and Safety Support is Integrated

We provide a full range of medical and safety services — including medical staffing, safety staffing, topside support, case management, evacuation services, and medical emergency response plans — so you can trust one qualified solutions provider. Our team builds safety nets into our projects from the start to quickly triage and respond to incidents if and when they occur.

We also staff QHSE Advisors to ensure adherence to your QHSE Safety and Management System (SMS). Our QHSE Advisors typically hold a NEBOSH International Certificate (or equivalent) and a BOSIET certificate.

Continuity of Care is Vital

We take every effort to treat your employees on-site and return them to work when appropriate. If off-site medical attention is required, we will execute a medical emergency response plan and oversee the transport of the employee to a nearby, vetted clinic, following through on the incident until we can make a resolution that is in the employee’s best interest.

Why do I need a Medical and Safety Partner? 

Industrial offshore projects are inherently risky. There are so many elements outside of your control that put employees in hazardous conditions. While training your employees in emergency medical services may seem more efficient, it does not equate to the peace of mind you will receive by partnering with an established medical and safety services provider.

RMI is equipped to handle the most dangerous conditions offshore projects throw at us. Our medical and safety staff receive extensive training to respond to incidents unique to remote and adverse locations.

Your employees’ health and safety should be at the top of your mind to keep your projects running smoothly, especially in this rapidly growing industry.

Learn How RMI Can be a Valued Partner on Your Offshore Wind Project

As you ramp up your offshore wind project, don’t neglect one of the most important factors – the health and safety of your employees.

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