How RMI Can Support A Canada-based Mining Project

At RMI, we’re equipped to support mining projects all over the world. Whether you are just getting started on a project or you are well underway with operations, RMI can serve as a trusted health and safety provider to your employees.

Our ability to adapt and provide essential services to employees in adverse conditions is at the foundation of our operations.

If you’re considering a mining project in Canada and need to find a medical provider to administer care to your employees at your job site, we’ve got the experience to get you up and running.

What Does My Mining Project Need to Keep Employees Safe and Healthy?

A proper medical staffing provider should be able to meet the following criteria:

  • Provide staff that have passed a clinical exam with a focus on remote medicine.
  • 24/7/365 access to dedicated topside support backed by practicing western emergency medicine physicians and specialists.
  • Able to match you up with staff based on site-specific requirements, training fit, and cultural fit.
  • Increase efficiency on your project by integrating case management and employee wellness into your medical support plan.
  • Supply staff with access to extensive guidelines and protocols specific to workplace health in remote and challenging locations.

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RMI can customize a project based on the needs of your employees and the environment your operations are based in.

What Experience Does RMI Have to Support a Remote Mining Project?

RMI has the ability to provide on-site medical providers that can monitor the health of your employees on a daily basis. Since mining project locations are often far from the nearest healthcare facility, having medical personnel operating on-site means your employees don’t have to travel for treatment.

We know that especially with mining projects, time is of the essence, and keeping your employees safe and healthy from the beginning will keep your project on track.

What COVID-19 Services Does RMI Offer?

COVID-19 remains a top concern for mining employers. With requirements changing regularly, it’s important to have a solid response to the pandemic in place.

RMI is prepared to supply testing, vaccination, and COVID-19 management plans for your project to ensure that your employees are protected from the virus.

Medical Services for Your Canadian Mining Project

We understand harsh mining conditions through our global project history and we offer comprehensive medical services for all phases of your project life cycle.

Contact us to get started and keep your mining workers in Canada safe and healthy.

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