How Workplace Health and Safety Has Helped Onshore Wind Return to Work in the Americas

As businesses across multiple industries in the Americas begin to receive government approval to return to their worksites from a COVID-19 imposed hiatus, onshore wind energy is making an expedited return in the Americas.

GE recently began constructing turbines for its largest-ever onshore wind project and RWE has continued to expand its renewables portfolio in North America with the operation of two new onshore wind farms.

You might be a little surprised to learn that huge onshore wind projects have begun or will begin soon when the pandemic is still being resolved in the Americas.

Rapid Acceleration of the Onshore Wind Industry

It’s possible that this acceleration of the onshore wind industry in the Americas was helped by business development processes that were adopted by a determined and efficient at-home workforce.

For companies that specialize in renewable energy, specifically in the US, the business opportunities are built on efficiency and remote collaboration as well as a passion for the industry.

Also, expansion and the redeployment of Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) initiatives across the US renewables sector, has aided in getting the onshore wind business back to work.

Resuming Onshore Wind Via Workplace Health and Safety

While business agreements like PPAs have certainly contributed to onshore projects getting back online, Remote Medical International (RMI) has been able to partner with owner/operators and Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) contracting partners to provide medical care and a rapid restoration of business activities that were halted due to COVID-19.

Restoring normal operations was possible through COVID-specific medical programs such as testing, screening and enhanced on-site care.

Workplace health and safety plays a role that is just as important as business agreements are in the resumption of the onshore wind industry.

Preparedness Plans for Onshore Companies

In addition to operational restoration services, we’ve also worked with onshore companies to put together preparedness plans through our COVID-19 Consulting Services which have given them the management program they need to repair and prepare their operations.

RMI, as a partner to these industry pioneers, is confident that the programs that have been implemented will expedite a full return to business for the onshore industry and prevent future outbreaks from sending everyone home.

Taking Action Against Other Medical Threats

This pandemic was a test, but certainly not the end of medical threats that can put your onshore wind projects at risk.

The resiliency of the onshore wind business in the Americas speaks for itself, but recent history shows that these projects should be supported by on-site medical and HSE staff that can attack potential problems from all angles.

Our staffing and assistance services can ensure that your onshore employees and projects are protected from other potential external factors such as pandemics, weather, safety hazards and injuries that can cause downtime.

Access Workplace Health and Safety for Your Onshore Wind Employees

We have initiated a program to provide our core medical and safety services to utility scale onshore wind companies as a key initiative and look forward to working with companies that share our passion for onshore wind.

RMI is here to support the growth of your onshore projects as well as health and safety staffing services.

Access Onshore Health & Safety

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