US Offshore Maritime Projects Must Prioritize Health and Safety

Even in US waters, operating in the offshore environment presents unique health and safety challenges. Distance from definitive care, environmental extremes, and limited resources are all considerations that should go into project planning.

Calling 911 is simply not an option.

Offshore operations need to implement the right-sized degree of medical self-sufficiency onboard, with access to remotely-delivered services, including telemedicine support, evacuation capabilities, and case management onshore.

Furthermore, regulatory compliance is a critical factor, particularly in emerging US markets such as offshore wind. The landscape continues to evolve, and incidences such as the COVID pandemic further challenge planning and operations.

Your team requires an agile partner that can provide complete and compliant medical and safety capabilities and be flexible to ever-changing requirements.

Proven Workplace Health and Safety Experience Offshore

Remote Medical International (RMI) was purpose-built to support clients with offshore health and safety staffing, specifically those operating in remote locations or conditions. The offshore landscape is part of the company’s DNA, and our field and corporate staff are driven to provide you the best service possible:

“RMI has the proven medical expertise required for work in the offshore industry where we continue to push into remote environments worldwide. The flexibility, customization, dedication, and commitment that the staff at RMI provide for each project is unparalleled in the offshore industry.”

  • Scott Platz, RMI EVP Global Operations. An offshore industry veteran with 20+ years of relevant experience

“Remote healthcare in the energy industry is paramount to the success of safeguarding and improving the health and well-being of field staff. When it matters most, having the appropriate resources to help manage a medical emergency offshore is critical.

  • Richard Brito, RMI Director of Operations, Americas. An offshore industry veteran with 13+ years of relevant experience

RMI’s project-based approach is critical, allowing us to tailor services to your offshore US project’s needs, providing capability and compliance specific to project and end-client requirements. We’re an active partner ‘sharing your crews’ health and safety goals while supporting efficient and successful operations.

We focus on our job so you can be successful at yours; including workforce health and productivity, regulatory compliance, and keeping within budget.


RMI’s approach is preventive, our providers employ wellness programs, fitness campaigns, medical screenings, and health & hygiene inspections to help reduce the likelihood of significant events altogether. Although we can readily support an evacuation, we understand the associated risks, costs, and project impacts.

Read what one of our experienced medics had to say about RMI’s commitment to quality assurance and proactive management of care offshore.

Sandy Fraser, RMI Lead Offshore Remote Health Care Provider:

A remote area paramedic is a non-traditional care provider that must be self-motivated, have a high degree of integrity, and be able to work independently at times in isolated environments. Although emergency skills are understandably the most important, this is the least-used skill set.

A remote area paramedic needs to have a high degree of competence with a strong clinical background to provide primary health care diagnosis and treatment, including the occasional dental interventions. They are truly the eyes, ears, and hands of the Topside physicians, and being able to adequately portray their physical findings and observations of a patient encounter is essential for good patient care to decrease lost time due to injury or illness.

Advanced wound care training is essential, not just for the ability to provide wound closure but the knowledge of what intervention is best for the patient while keeping recordable cases to an absolute minimum. Our goal is to keep everyone healthy and working onsite while keeping work-related injury treatment to the first aid level by providing well-managed care daily.”

Extensive Offshore Experience

Sandy has been an RMI field medic for 14 years, with extensive experience prior to coming on board. He has operated around the world and currently is supporting offshore US and Gulf of Mexico deployments.

RMI medical providers receive direct support from the US Topside Support team led by doctors and healthcare consultants experienced in working in remote environments. This support structure allows our skilled medical providers to be ready to respond to a full range of medical events in offshore US projects.

Read what a day in the life of an RMI doctor on a maritime medical assignment is like.

Service Offerings

You can increase the effectiveness of your medical support by working with a health and safety services company that can integrate all of the medical services you need on your project into one package. It can also be beneficial to your bottom line.

RMI can support a full range of integrated medical services you’ll need offshore, including:

  • Medical Staffing
    • RMI’s offshore medical staff bring proven experience as sole-care providers in remote and challenging environments. Our onsite teams act in concert with your HSE team and deliver primary care, occupational health, and emergency care support.
  • HSE and HSE Medic Staffing
    • We hand-select experienced HSE Advisors for each project who know how to build a culture of safety and ensure compliance with your safety management system. Our dual-role HSE medics offer a combined health and safety staffing option, bringing together an experienced medical professional and qualified HSE Advisor into one role.
  • Topside Assistance Services
    • RMI’s 24/7 Global Coordination Center team provides access to medical advice specific to remote and offshore environments, backed by US Board-certified Emergency Physicians.
  • Medical Emergency Response Plans (MERP’s)
    • Customized plans for a project location. Includes identification of local, regional, and definitive medical assets and transport providers, with full vetting of all resources.
  • Evacuation services
    • If an evacuation is necessary, our medical staff will oversee the entire process to ensure your employee gets the best care possible. Our team will also monitor the employee’s treatment until they’re ready to return to work safely.
  • Medical Screening 
    • Full range of medical screening services including Home of Record coordination.
  • COVID Mitigation
    • RMI incorporates COVID mitigation and management into our existing staffing services. We continually refine our offerings per evolving best practices. Including COVID screening, testing, and consulting.

Don’t Be Unprepared. Learn What You Need to Keep Your Offshore Maritime Employees Safe and Healthy

Meet Your US Offshore Maritime Medical Care Team

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