Supporting the NHS, RMI delivers almost 5,000 mobile COVID-19 vaccines in single month

Our incredible team has supported the NHS to deliver almost 5,000 COVID-19 vaccines throughout the South of England in October as part of our partnership with Alliance for Better Care. Our trained experts operated mobile vaccination units, supporting with getting crucial vaccines to communities that need them most in this challenging winter period.

Delivered in partnership with the NHS, the vaccines are a valuable part of the ongoing booster programme of the vaccine. Around 26 million people in England needed the jab in just a few short weeks.

RMI’s trained experts operated the mobile vaccination unit vans, supporting the vaccine delivery alongside NHS professionals. They were focused on reaching locations where temporary clinics cannot be easily set up, and the population has barriers to accessing primary care facilities. The service also targeted areas highly populated by older people and places that had limited vaccine takeup through the government booking system.

The novel mobile medicine approach was enabled by COVID-19, which accelerated the development and application, of different healthcare delivery modes. The mobile medicine approach has produced efficient, cost-effective solutions for previously unmet needs in the NHS. RMI’s partnership with Alliance for Better Care is an extension of this and enables access to much-needed support, particularly amid a challenging winter period for the NHS.

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