Flexible Clinic Options for Mining Sites

Mining project locations are becoming increasingly remote and challenging. Since mining employees often perform manual labor and work around heavy equipment in these difficult environments, it’s crucial to have a medical clinic available on these projects.

Unfortunately, the combination of the work, location and limited infrastructure associated with most mining projects can leave your company without many options for providing medical care on-site.

An on-site clinic should be considered an essential aspect of your project, and yet, you may struggle to find a workplace medical company with a suitable option when you need it most.

However, if you work with the right medical partner, they should have many clinic options to fit your needs and budget.

Clinic is a Loosely Used Term

An on-site mining clinic is not just a brick and mortar establishment; it’s more accurate to say that it’s a broad range of services:

  • It could be as simple as a medic with a kit.
  • Or, it could be a more intricate setup with advanced procedures and specialists with a broader scope of practice.
  • The goal of these clinics and services is to deal with workplace injuries.
  • The secondary objective is early intervention through patrolling the job site to provide education and training. Education and training could be in the form of smoking cessation, health awareness campaigns, first aid, or CPR training.

The needs of your mining project will determine the format of your mining clinic. But, most importantly, the goal of the clinic should be to treat injured employees and get them back to work as soon as possible, no matter what configuration you use.

Flexible Mining Clinic Solutions are Key

As we mentioned above, when working with a workplace medical company, the mining clinic solution they offer should be based on your company’s needs and customized to reflect the physical demands of the mining project site.

We can’t stress this enough; your worksite medical firm should be able to custom-build and provide everything you require on-site.

Can they offer:

  • Medical kits from first aid to life support?
  • Drug testing to hearing conservation to COVID testing?
  • A modular or a shipping container-style clinic?
  • A mobile treatment center – a four-wheel-drive clinic that allows medical providers to treat patients inside for on-site treatment at your project location?
  • Pickup trucks to get to and from incidents and patrol as needed?

And when it comes to how medical companies staff the clinic, they should offer flexibility and provide anything from a paramedic, to a nurse practitioner, to a physician.

What Makes a Mining Clinic Stand Out From the Competition?

You want better than “good enough” for your employees. They work in one of the most demanding and dangerous work environments and deserve exceptional patient care from your remote clinic.

Does your mining clinic vendor:

  • Focus on hiring vetted and high-quality medical providers supported by strong systems?
  • Have procedures in place for clinical governance and management of medical equipment and supplies?
  • Show a demonstrated ability to set up clinics quickly and efficiently?
  • Offer proof of their ability to provide care even in the most remote or challenging areas of the world?

If your current clinic solutions provider cannot check all of these boxes, perhaps it’s time to consider working with an organization specializing in remote medical services and flexible clinic options.

Consider Working With Remote Medical International (RMI)

In addition to providing excellent health and safety services for challenging work environments, we also can offer telemedicine services. Telemedicine is a cost-effective alternative if you find yourself in a situation where there’s just a handful of people at your mining site.

And, the same doctors that provide telemedicine also provide direction to the medical providers in the field, so you’ll be backed by excellent medical consultants at any point, no matter what the conditions are on the ground.

Further Benefits of Having RMI Clinics on Your Mining Site

Having RMI clinic options on your mining project gives you access to first responders, improves on-site treatment and care, and can improve employee outcomes on mining projects in remote areas.

Having medical clinic staff on-site also improves morale as it shows employees that their health and safety are a priority to your company.

Work With a Partner That’s Well-positioned to Provide Robust Medical Services to the Mining Industry

Access Flexible Clinic Options for Mining

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