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Challenges faced by pipeline construction sites

On pipeline construction sites, workers are operating on difficult terrain in increasingly extreme weather conditions for long hours. These conditions make workers more vulnerable to onsite injuries compared to other construction sites, and the remote locations can mean access to local medical services is limited. These issues can pressurize the health and safety provision on these unique and challenging sites, and the right partner is required to ensure the protection of workers.

Helping to manage dangerous and challenging worksites

Pipeline construction work sites can become hazardous in a matter of hours due to changeable weather conditions. Adequate planning and preparation are vital to successfully mitigate the dangers for staff and ensure the operational continuity of projects.

The unpredictable nature of these types of sites means that having an onsite medic working with the crew can add real value. Accident prevention through training and education means teams operate with greater efficiency and with a far reduced potential for common accidents.

The high demand of work, and low supply of workers, means pipeline construction projects often operate on a tight schedule and rely on short-service employees. As with other construction projects, short-term employees can pose a greater risk of injury. The presence of an RMI onsite medics helps to mitigate these risks by educating workers on effective preventative measures for common accidents, which can cause delays to project timelines and add strains to budgets.

Providing an immediate onsite response

Onsite medics are also best placed to respond immediately in the event an accident or incident occurs.

One of the biggest issues surrounding health and safety in the pipeline construction industry is the general inaccessibility of many of the working locations. Emergency responders can struggle to reach casualties in remote areas successfully. Having an onsite medic can mitigate this entirely; highly trained support staff and medics located onsite can provide first aid as quickly as possible.

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