How RMI’s Occupational Health Coordination Helps Mining Companies Ensure Worker Health

Managing an occupational health program can be challenging, especially within the mining industry. Remote locations and demanding work conditions mean those employed at mining sites must be in good physical condition.

Ensuring each staff member has obtained medical clearance can create high administrative demands on an organization and push the organization beyond its domain of expertise. RMI’s Occupational Health Coordination is an outsourced solution to this problem.

What Does Occupational Health Coordination Cover?

Occupational Health Coordination covers a wide breadth of on-site and remote services, all working to ensure your staff is healthy before they get to the site.

These services include coordinating:

  • Travel vaccine administration
  • Physical examinations
  • Health history assessments
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Clinical laboratory testing
  • Functional capacity evaluations
  • COVID-19 testing
  • Respirator fit testing

How Does Occupational Health Coordination Help Mining Companies?

While our medical staffing for mining companies services will always help you ensure you’re compliant with all Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) standards, we also recognize that every site has different needs, which is why our services are entirely customizable.

Say your jobsite has unique environmental considerations, or your end client has specific standards they want in place. With occupational health coordination, you can quickly implement additional screening measures to ensure you meet these needs, whether on-site or remotely.

Tracking employee appointments, next steps, and clearance documentation can be challenging, especially when working on a remote mining site or with many employees. To address this, our occupational health coordination service includes RMI InSpect™.

This custom employer portal allows employers to initiate requests for services and track employees in real-time to deliver results, giving better visibility and ensuring timely decision-making.

Keep Staff Safe

If you’re interested in avoiding injuries, it’s of the utmost importance that you ensure the staff that arrives at your mining site to work is as healthy as possible. That may be determined by a physical examination, health history assessment, drug and alcohol testing, or a combination of all three.

Another option to mitigate risk is utilizing RMI Access™, our U.S. Telemedicine & Case Management service, which gives companies an additional layer of protection. If an injury does occur, RMI’s team can provide proper treatment guidance to prevent the situation from escalating and bring about the best possible outcome.

Mitigate COVID-19 Outbreaks

Protocols and standards surrounding corporate COVID testing services and prevention aren’t going anywhere. There are varying degrees of state, local, MSHA, OSHA, and company-specific controls over what COVID-19 mitigation measures need to occur.

These controls can include:

  • COVID-19 symptom screenings of workers prior to arrival on the job site.
  • Checking the vaccination status of a worker.
  • Performing a COVID-19 test if they are not vaccinated (or perhaps regardless of vaccination status) to ensure they’re COVID-19 negative within a specific time period.

We provide a full suite of testing solutions, including rapid and lab-based tests, as well as on-site COVID vaccination services.

Provide Quality Care to Your Mining Staff

Managing the medical clearances of your mining staff can be time and labor-intensive. If your administrative team isn’t up for the task, you put your employees’ safety at risk.

Outsourcing occupational health services to RMI, which offers flexible, customizable solutions for your needs, makes the entire process simple and effective.

Get Started with Occupational Health Coordination

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