How RMI prevented a multi-million-dollar project shutdown for an offshore drilling company. 

In December 2022, RMI secured a five-year contract to provide comprehensive on-site medical and occupational health services for a prominent offshore drilling company. The contract encompassed a broad range of responsibilities, including: 

  • The deployment of a dedicated team of 20 offshore medical professionals, comprising both doctors and paramedics. 
  • The development of Medical Emergency Response Plans (MERP) tailored to the unique needs and challenges of offshore operations. 
  • Round-the-clock coordination of emergency medical evacuations and case management, ensuring a swift and effective response to any incidents. 
  • Uninterrupted 24/7 access to topside physicians, providing critical medical support and advice when needed. 
  • The provision of select occupational health services, further enhancing the safety and wellbeing of the offshore workforce. 

The project spanned multiple locations, including the Gulf of Mexico, Suriname, and offshore Guyana, demonstrating RMI’s capability to deliver high-quality medical services in diverse and challenging environments. 


RMI was introduced to the client through a referral from an existing client. The collapse of a previous supplier led to RMI being given a mere 7-day notice to prepare for a complete transition of all assets. The stakes were high, as failure to meet this deadline would have resulted in the client having to shut down all their operations, leading to a multi-million-dollar impact on their business. An additional challenge was the requirement for RMI to deliver some of these services to locations where they had not previously operated. 


RMI responded swiftly, assembling a large internal team that worked tirelessly around the clock to ensure a timely handover. This Herculean task involved several critical steps: 

  • A dedicated Project Manager (PM) from RMI was integrated into the client’s team for the initial month of the deployment process, ensuring seamless communication and expedited decision-making with unanimous approval. 
  • Recruited and onboarded an entirely new medical staffing team of 20 individuals. 
  • Taking over the end-to-end management of all medical logistics and supply chain matters. 
  • Constructing brand new Medical Emergency Response Plans (MERPs) from the ground up. 
  • A cross-functional team was also deployed to review the legal and regulatory requirements of each new jurisdiction, ensuring compliance and smooth operations. 

During this mobilization phase, RMI demonstrated its ability to manage complex projects with speed, agility, and quality results. Since this time, RMI has continued to improve and expand upon its delivery including developing bespoke health promotion campaigns, adding real-time video telemedicine capabilities, launching a fleet wide inventory management system, and adding shore-based medical assistance and occupational health services. 

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