Clinic opens in Guyana capital to support offshore industry and local community

RMI, which specialises in saving lives and protecting the health and wellbeing of workers on remote and diverse sites across the world, has officially opened a new clinic providing medical services to offshore and onshore workers in Guyana.

The fully stocked clinic, opened in the capital city of Georgetown, is acting as a central in-country medical solution to the country’s rapidly expanding petroleum, construction, and manufacturing industries.   

Owned, managed, and staffed by local Guyanese nationals for RMI, the clinic’s medical contingent formed of onsite doctors, nurses, and medics – one of which is a shareholder in the new clinic – is providing emergency, primary and secondary care solutions alongside occupational health services to international companies’ workers and local businesses.

Jules Rawles, Vice President Business Development at RMI, said: “The opening of this new clinic is a great step forward in providing essential medical services that will support Guyana’s growing industries. Long transit times between the shore and clinical locations has put great strains on the operational continuity of these industries but we are confident that this new clinic will be a much welcome solution.

“With our highly skilled staff in operation, the clinic will become a vital asset to organisations across Guyana, providing health and fitness screening solutions and working as a convenient triage centre in an ideal location close to industrial activity. This clinic will bring a vital service to the people of Guyana while simultaneously supporting the economic potential of the country.”

Alongside the primary focus of supporting offshore and local Guyanese workers, an interior based clinic is providing medical assistance to indigenous populations through public health outreach campaigns. With the support of the clinic’s nursing team, education on sexual health, diet and general health is being provided in the country’s most remote regions.

With RMI’s expertise, the centre will run to the highest clinical standards, employing 20 Guyanese medical professionals who are eager and determined to provide substantial care to the region.

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