Understanding XBR Shoulder Measurements

Shoulder measurements, particularly the XBR (Extra Broad) classification, play a crucial role in safety protocols, especially in the offshore industry. Here’s a comprehensive guide to understanding XBR shoulder measurements.

Shoulder Breadth: Biacromial and Bideltoid
Shoulder breadth or shoulder width has two dimensions or measuring parts, namely biacromial and bideltoid. The bideltoid measurement, which is the focus of this post, is the maximum horizontal width at the shoulder, measured by the bulge of the deltoid muscle.

XBR: Extra Broad Shoulders
The XBR classification comes into play when the shoulder width, specifically the bideltoid measurement, is greater than 55.9 cm (22”). Individuals with a shoulder width of 55.9 cm or less are classified as regular.

Importance of XBR Classification
The XBR classification is particularly important for offshore helicopter passengers. All passengers travelling offshore by helicopter are required to sit in a seat where the nearest emergency exit is compatible with their body size2. Those with a shoulder width greater than 55.9 cm (22”) are classified as extra wide (XBR), and are required to sit in a helicopter seat next to a window that fits their shoulder size. Those with a shoulder width of 55.9 cm or less were classified as regular.

It’s important to note that all XBR passengers are required to be re-measured at frequent intervals. This ensures that the safety protocols are up-to-date with the passengers’ current body dimensions.

In conclusion, understanding XBR shoulder measurements is crucial for maintaining safety standards, particularly in the offshore industry. It ensures that every passenger is seated in a position that is compatible with their body size, thereby enhancing safety during offshore travel.

How RMI Can Help
If your organization does helicopter crew transfers, the chances are that each crew member will require XBR shoulder measurements to be completed. RMI has the equipment and the trained providers necessary to complete these tests along with OEUK, Chester Step Tests and EBS assessments. Please contact RMI for further information.

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