The Medical Services You Should Have on Your Mining Projects

Operating in harsh mining conditions is already enough of a challenge for your mining project team. Providing on-site medical care to employees on your mining site shouldn’t be another layer of difficulty for your company to navigate.

To make at least one aspect of your projects more comfortable, consider working with a medical partner that can be a single-source solution for your mining project. Your employees will benefit from a higher level of care, and your company will receive enhanced savings and increased efficiency.

Integrated Medical Support for All Phases of Your Mining Project

Does your medical support partner offer your company a list of comprehensive services for all phases of your project life cycle?



Global Evacuation:

  • Medical Facility Referrals
  • Global Evacuation Coordination
  • Hospital Admission and Payment Guarantees
  • International Repatriation

Occupational Health Assistance:

There are so many risks your mining team deals with daily. Whether it’s mining for gold in the heat of the Arizona desert, face drilling in a coal mine in Columbia, or extracting platinum in Zimbabwe, you need the best medical care for your employees to minimize downtime and recordables.

Your team’s physical location shouldn’t dictate the quality of care they receive.

Look for a Medical Provider That Can Function as a Member of Your Team

You need a company with medical providers that will support your mining operations by integrating as a highly functional member of your team. Align with a medical organization that can work with you to implement a gold standard for industry-recommended equipment, medical supplies, and customized clinics based on your needs.

It would also help if you chose a workplace health and safety company for your mining project that can demonstrate examples of past success, showing that they can make a difference and provide excellent care.

Aim to collaborate with a trusted partner that offers proof of their ability to quickly mobilize a team to respond to workplace health needs, challenges, and emergent situations within these areas:

Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Awareness

  • HSE-specific training for all on-site medical providers.
  • Medical practices that understand how different treatments impact HSE outcomes.
  • Proactive health programs that reduce accidents and injuries.

Clinical Oversight

  • Supervision and support by board-certified physicians.
  • Electronic Medical Records and regular review of on-site practices.
  • 24/7 Global Topside Physician Support from our Global Coordination Center.

The Right People with the Right Skills

  • All medics must pass a clinical exam with a focus on remote medicine.
  • Training and on-boarding processes that ensure a strong start for each project.
  • A medic selection process that compares site-specific requirements with training and cultural fit.

To protect your employees’ health, you should work with Remote Medical International (RMI). RMI has years of experience delivering comprehensive medical services to the mining industry.

Let’s Talk Mining

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Medical Support for Mining

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