RMI expands into new territory with plans to deliver healthcare clinic in Guyana

RMI has announced plans to deliver a permanent healthcare clinic in Guyana, South America.

The clinic will provide first response and emergency care, as well as primary, secondary and occupational health care needs to organisations operating in the rapidly growing petroleum, construction and manufacturing industries within the region.

For ease of access, the clinic will be located outside Guyana’s capital, Georgetown, and open 24/7, 365 days a year. The clinic will be owned, managed and staffed by RMI. Medical personnel onsite will include doctors, nurses and medics – all vetted, approved and trained to RMI’s exacting, international standards.

Jules Rawles, VP, said: “At RMI, we recognised that current clinical offerings in Guyana are often pressurised by long journeys and traffic congestion, causing delays to workers accessing vital care services and impacting operational continuity for companies in the area.”

“We are therefore pleased to be able to provide a much-needed clinic in a convenient location for new and existing industries in Guyana, and help cater to the growing needs of the workforce. RMI has years of experience deploying our solutions across the globe, and this new clinic will be held to the same high standards that all RMI clients have come to expect over that time. We can’t wait to get started and make a positive impact in the area.”

To find out more about our bespoke medical solutions that support worker health in complex environments, visit: https://rmiglobalsolutions.com/services/medical/

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