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When one of our clients needed a proper risk assessment on how COVID-19 was impacting the employees on their oil and gas operations in Equatorial Guinea, RMI quickly responded.

It was important to our client that their personnel:

  • Understand the severity of the COVID-19 risk.
  • Learn how to establish proper response protocols should an employee become infected.
  • Know what to do to prevent the spread.

From understanding the proper quarantine measures to establishing the correct helivac routes for emergency evacuations, RMI conducted a comprehensive audit of current procedures. The team gave recommendations for achieving excellent health and safety measures for the client’s employees and mitigating COVID-19.

Bringing in Our Best and Brightest

The market for COVID-19 mitigation (COVID-19 Testing, COVID-19 Vaccination, etc.) is a busy one, and we’re anticipating it will stay that way for a while. This means that finding quality healthcare professionals will be challenging as they’re being pulled to the frontlines of the pandemic around the world.

Fortunately, at RMI, our recruiters are constantly filling our pool of talent with medical professionals who have experience working in remote and dangerous locations.

When we received this special request for a COVID-19 risk assessment, we found the perfect medic for the job.

Having just wrapped up a large project in Afghanistan this medical auditor was ready to serve as a COVID-19 risk auditor for our client in Equatorial Guinea.

How We Conducted a COVID-19 Risk Assessment

As soon as they arrived at the airport in Equatorial Guinea, they assessed the COVID-19 risk.

The auditor documented potential risks in the airport, during their 10-day quarantine in-country, and throughout their assignment on the client’s worksite.

They then broke down each location visited by levels of risk (high to low) and included recommendations on how to prevent a possible infection. Each risk assessment would include the level of probability for infection, as well as how to best prevent the infection, like always wearing a mask, and limiting access to certain communal areas.

RMI’s Recommendations

In their review of the operations in place, the auditor recommended the following overarching actions that would have a significant positive impact on the health and safety of our client’s employees:

  • Implement a COVID-19 surveillance testing program for both direct and indirect facility workers at the quarantine site.
  • Establish a more structured COVID-19 testing program.
  • Create a training program to support service staff as it pertains to COVID-19 and the safest ways to provide services to employees within the facilities.

It was also recommended that there be a continual review of COVID-19 practices to ensure that the appropriate control measures and mitigating tactics are constantly updated.

With variants on the rise, COVID-19 risk audits will become more beneficial and can help companies in various industries make sure their projects stay on track. Conducting a risk audit at your worksite can help you put a comprehensive plan in place for testing and vaccinations to keep your employees safe and healthy.

How is Your Company Staying Ahead of the COVID-19 Pandemic?

Whether you need COVID-19 testing, a vaccination program, or a COVID-19 risk assessment, we’re ready to keep your employees safe and healthy against the ongoing pandemic.

Keep Your Employees Safe From COVID