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“Remote Medical” is now “RMI”

By July 13, 2022July 25th, 2022No Comments

RMI was founded in 2003 as a medical training company that specialized in equipping and training individuals to practice medicine in remote environments. At that time we incorporated as “Remote Medicine, Inc.” This name was fitting. As RMI’s reach grew, in 2005 in Remote Medicine, Inc. began operating under Remote Medical International. Our company was still focused on remote medicine but now had an international reach.

Since that time, a lot has changed at RMI.  Over the years, we have done several projects in areas that were not especially “remote.” Additionally, our clients started asking us for other services, including safety-related services. In 2018, RMI acquired HSE Offshore which further expanded our safety offerings. In 2020, RMI acquired the SSI Group which expanded our offerings into both security services and technical staffing. Meanwhile, “Remote Medical International” was commonly referred to both internally and externally simply as “RMI.”

While we continue to pride ourselves on our unique ability to provide our medical services in remote and challenging environments, we have evolved beyond that. As we continue to grow and expand our service offerings and expertise, we decided to officially change our name from the confined name of “Remote Medical International” to “RMI.”

So, “Remote Medical International” is now “RMI.” 

Beyond the name change, what does this mean? While medical is still a core part of what we do, our goal is to be more than a medical provider. Our aim is to be a solution partner for our clients, delivering world-class medical, security, and technical staffing solutions.