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Health technology is everywhere now. People wear watches that detect their heart rates and count their steps. Doctors can be reached via online videoconferences.

The health industry is changing. Experts expect technology to continue to impact healthcare. These impacts may result in increases in cost, but this should be offset a bit by increases in efficiency.

Telemedicine is an area of healthcare that continues to be changed by technological advancements.

What is Telemedicine and the Benefits of Telemedicine

Telemedicine allows patients and providers to connect 24/7/365 with one another remotely. This healthcare approach has gained popularity as patients are now able to get a high level of care without being in the same physical location as the medical provider that they are seeing.

Traditional Telemedicine

Telemedicine has always relied on technology. For many years, telephones were the main way to access telemedicine. Medical providers at remote sites could call to consult with a higher-level medical provider, such as a physician. The physician's advice can help improve the quality of care at a remote site.

Often, in remote areas, telemedicine via telephone is still the most effective way to access telemedicine resources.

However, with the expansion of the internet and internet-enabled devices, more options are now available to access telemedicine. In addition to medical providers talking to medical providers for advice, employees can now talk directly to medical providers too.

Technology Advancements in Telemedicine

Smart devices can improve how much data the medical provider receives when an employee calls in for medical advice. At the basic level, the ability to transmit images and video improves the medical provider's assessment capabilities. In some cases, more advanced diagnostics such as ECG, heart rate, and pulse oximetry can also be utilized to enhance patient assessments.

Processes to properly direct patients can also help streamline healthcare. Online questionnaires can direct employees to the proper medical resource for minor issues, which helps free up medical staff to deal with more major issues.

Other technology advancements can also help employees schedule consults with medical staff more easily because it directs them to the soonest available medical provider.

RMI Access Telemedicine

RMI has worked to incorporate technology advances into our domestic telemedicine platform. Our solution utilizes decision tree logic to get employees the proper healthcare quickly, whether it is sending them to a pharmacy for over-the-counter medication or scheduling an in-person visit for a more serious issue.

These protocols save employees time and keep them from waiting in long waiting room lines. It also reduces the number of times employees seek the emergency room for a minor issue because they are redirected to an appropriate resource.

Basically, the service can match the medical solution to the employee's health issues. Each employee receives the appropriate medical care.

How Can My Company Incorporate Telemedicine?  

Many companies are seeking to improve employee morale by providing better medical support. Telemedicine is a simple way to give employees access to medical care at all times without paying medical staff to be present at the job site.

A medical company like RMI can guide your company through implementing telemedicine services.

Interested in Telemedicine Services?

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