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As part of our ongoing effort to evolve our screening, testing, and consulting services around our clients’ changing needs, Remote Medical International (RMI) is now offering COVID-19 Rapid On-Site Testing Services.

Why Have We Decided to Offer Rapid On-Site Testing?

Rapid On-Site Testing is a high-demand service that our customers have been requesting for their projects.

With Rapid On-Site Testing:

  • Our staff can deliver the COVID-19 test results much quicker.
  • A quick turnaround time can help reduce the risk of COVID-19 worksite exposure.
  • Reducing exposure allows your employees to maintain efficient operations.

How Is Rapid On-Site Testing Different from the Other Forms of Testing We Offer?

Our current, most utilized testing method is lab-based molecular testing, which is highly accurate but can only be completed at an offsite laboratory, making for a much slower turnaround time (at least 24 hours from receipt at the lab).

In some cases, our clients need faster results. Rapid On-Site Testing enables this to happen.

How Rapid On-Site Testing Works

The entire testing process takes place in a client location, and follows the steps below:

  • Much like our lab-based PCR testing, it starts with swabbing the participant’s nose.
  • Instead of sending the sample off to a lab, the “lab” comes to the site.
  • The sample gets mixed with a reagent and then placed in a testing cartridge.
  • Depending on the type of test, the cartridge goes into an analyzer, which eventually gives the tester a result.

The Advantages Rapid On-Site Testing Gives Our Customers

The whole process takes about 15-20 minutes per participant to yield a result, which is much faster than the 24 hours or more it takes to get results from off-site lab molecular testing.

Our customers will have the advantage of knowing the results of the COVID-19 test faster, which allows them quicker decision making. While the accuracy is not as high as the lab-based testing, faster results can help HSE teams make decisions about how to keep on-site workers safe.

Since there are some differences in Rapid On-Site Testing’s accuracy compared to lab-based molecular testing, the rapid method should be used in conjunction with off-site lab molecular testing for a more robust COVID-19 testing program.

Hands-Off Testing

Is your company interested in COVID-19 Rapid On-Site Testing?

RMI can provide solutions, including:

  • Medical staff to conduct tests.
  • The equipment and PPE you’ll need.
  • The reporting process.
  • The necessary clinical governance to ensure testing is in compliance with local medical regulations

We deliver Rapid On-Site Testing Services and provide your organization with a truly hands-off experience.

Get Started With COVID-19 Rapid On-Site Testing

Rapid On-Site Testing For Employees