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Many workplace injuries can be effectively evaluated and conservatively managed on-site. Through remote access to a team of medical providers skilled at evaluating work-related injuries, workers receive expert, real-time advice regarding optimal management approaches for a given injury.

Based on the provider’s assessment, workers will either be treated conservatively on-site or referred to an appropriate off-site clinic for further evaluation depending on the severity of the injury. If an injury is appropriate for on-site treatment, the case management team works to ensure optimal outcomes by providing detailed, conservative treatment instructions for the patient.

In addition, the team schedules regular follow-up of the injured worker to monitor progress, modify treatment as needed, and allow for the best possible outcomes.

In the event that injuries are more severe or require a more detailed evaluation, the case management team helps guide the worker to the appropriately qualified health care facility for expedited care and specialty consultation as warranted.

Some benefits of a medical case management team for your worksite include:

  • Access to qualified industrial medical staffing services providers at any time for remote evaluation of injured workers
  • Expert advice from providers skilled in managing injured workers conservatively onsite where it is appropriate
  • Targeted and expedited off-site referral for more significant injuries

With our U.S. Telemedicine & Case Management service, RMI Access™, case management may be able to help employees get back on their feet faster.

Appropriate and Conservative Treatment

When an employer uses RMI Access Case Management, the medical providers involved in the injured worker’s care offer optimal first aid treatment recommendations where appropriate.

Depending on the injury, these conservative treatment approaches can lead to improved outcomes for the worker, while minimizing unnecessary overtreatment and time away from work.

Off-site Medical Referrals

Depending on an employee’s injury or illness, different medical clinics may be better suited to manage the injured worker.

With RMI Access Case Management, our medical coordination specialists have already done the administrative work of evaluating nearby clinics. The case management team determines which referral center is the most appropriate for an employee’s needs and strives to ensure that each employee receives the highest quality of care.

Access to Medical Providers

Sometimes treating injuries or illnesses involves a confusing array of doctors, specialists, clinics, and recommendations. Employees often find it reassuring to have someone to call to talk them through the complexities of their injury and management.

RMI Access Case Management enables employees to directly call our case management team and ask questions about their care.

Case Management Services from RMI

Do you work in mining, construction, oil, and gas, or one of several other industries in a challenging work environment? Get access to case management that delivers successful outcomes through effective planning, fast response, ongoing injury management, and detailed reporting.

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